I've put together an ever-growing collection of patterns to support SQ Yarns and here you can download the free ones, many of which have been published in UK magazines. For even more choice why not look at the Patterns section in my shop.

Botanical Socks

These socks have an intricate lace design which looks like plant tendrils and leaves twisting up the leg. The pattern is achieved using simple stitch combinations despite the complexity of the finished look.

The socks have quite a narrow heel to allow the pattern to spread neatly down onto the foot, and the Exquisite yarn makes them beautifully soft—perfect for wearing with a pair of jeans on a cold winter’s day knitting in front of the fire

Cloud Nine Socks

Ever wanted a pair of socks to make you feel as if you are floating on Cloud Nine when you are wearing them? I wanted to design a pair of socks especially for the requirements of Skein Queen yarn, Plushness given that it is a thicker-than-normal sock yarn - more like a DK Light.

Ten O'Clock Scarf

All day, every day, I look forward to around 10pm when I can finally sit down and start my knitting for the day. This scarf was no exception, and every day for about a week, I sat down at 10ish and knitted a few rows until it was finished. I designed it to be easy for a first lace project. The patterning row is every fourth row, so you have some nice, relaxing knit and purl rows in between. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different yarn weights and needle sizes.

Flossie Bear

When my children were a little younger, I used to knit them teddies from made-up patterns and whatever fluffy yarn they chose from the local craft shop. Now I have the temptation of Lotus Yarns cashmere sitting in my workshop, I couldn’t resist tinkering with this fairisle pattern, my favourite way of knitting, and Flossie was born. Flossie is a hugging bear and hence is constructed with no arms or legs to get in the way of affectionate hugs.

Lavender Hearts

Perfect for filling with lavender and hanging in a wardrobe to keep clothes fresh, or keeping with your yarn stash to protect it from moths or giving as gifts.