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This post contains some knitting content

It was lovely to get some spinning time in after Christmas. But this time I wanted to try something different.

I knew I wanted to have more control of colour order, but have never quite mastered Navajo plying. So the creation of fauxlags (fake rolags) seemed to be a good option to try. Using commercially combed top – Superwash BFL that I’d dyed a while back – and a pencil, I broke off small sections and wound them round a pencil, then arranged them in rough colour order (like a pack of felt pens – so much fun!)

And then spun them fairly unevenly to get a wonderful loft in the looser spun areas.

The result is a thick and thin single with long lengths of colour, I guess a bit like Noro but softer.

It’s knitting up beautifully into a Halyard shawl. The pattern is by Tetiana Otruta and I was inspired to knit one having seen Celia Hart‘s beautiful version at Made and Found in December.

My colour choices aren’t as sophisticated as Celia’s, but it is fun seeing the colours change.

I’m currently knitting two shawls – which is making me feel a bit antsy – really not a several-projects-on-the-go kind of a girl. Having said that, I do often find unfiinished WIPs lurking around, waiting to pounce and make me feel guilty.

This is the yarn I’m using for the Ysolda Follow Your Arrow mystery knitalong. There are five clues and 32 possible combinations, so I’m excited to see how it will turn out.

I used Oasis Grande camel/silk in Pear Galette and Sevastopol. Here’s a close-up of how it’s knitting up – I don’t think it gives too much away. Still got to finish Clue 1 – talk about slow knitter!

In contrast, these handwarmers in Skinny Voluptuous were a speedy knit, even for me.

Back in December, I was invited to Charlie‘s 50th birthday party at Purlescence.

Previously, Charlie had asked me to dye up some Skinny Voluptuous kits for this design. Along with some fripperies and bibelots stitch markers, these would form the party bags. Well, it was the BEST party bag I’d ever received! There were three colourway options – all Charlie’s ideas – and she knows me so well that she chose the greys and chartreuse option for me – I was thrilled to get one at all!

Charlie had designed the mitts so that they could be adapted by each knitter if they so chose. They’re top-down, so you could adjust the length to your requirements. I added some super simple stranded contrasts and a ribbing near the bottom.

Finally, I never got around to showing you my fantastic  bargain – a Shetland cardigan in the most perfect colours from a UK-based vintage clothing shop on Etsy. You might have spotted me wearing it at the PomPom party before Christmas – it’s been worn and worn ever since – a lucky find for £20.

And just a final, final note to say I’m aiming to get the Wooden Heart mitten kits into the shop tomorrow – if you’ve preordered, I’ll be in touch.

And it’s final payment day for the Winter Club tomorrow – expect a proper welcome email if you’ve joined. If you haven’t joined this time and are interested in doing so, drop me an email and I’ll get you onto the waiting list for the next round. The feedback has been amazing with several people saying it feels like much more than just a club, which is extremely pleasing.

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