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Knit Nation – the review

Where to begin? Knit Nation was the one of the most fantastic, exhausting, fun shows I’ve ever been to and it’s taking a couple of days to recover!

This is my humble, eclectic hand-crafted Skein Queen stand.

Lots of summery colour and bunting.

And even some fibre.

Suzanne (alabamawhirly) showing off the Twitter Bird kits which proved very popular.

And… in total contrast… here is the spectacular Wollmeise stand! We spoke to the uber-talented Claudia before the show briefly and she was lovely. I wonder what she made of the stampede to her stand when the doors opened on Thursday evening. I guess she’s used to it!

These two little beauties had to come home with me. The top one is Lavendel and is earmarked for a pair of Manolo socks from the latest Twist Collective and the bottom one is Ruby Thursday laceweight destined to become a Whisper cardigan – when I don’t know! But in the meantime, I’ll just admire.

The very best bit was getting to meet so many customers and friends – and from all over the world – France, the States, New Zealand and E. Europe – oh, and from just down the road in Newbury.

This is Charlie modelling her incredible Snowbird by Heidi Kirrmaier knitted using different colourways in SQ Desire.

And here’s Jen from The Knitter modelling her delicious Whisper cardigan by Hannah Fetig which she knitted using just two skeins of Lotus Yarns heavy laceweight cashmere in Silver as part of our KAL in Skein Queenery.

And Kira in her gorgeous Whisper cardigan knitted in a mystery yarn that is extremely beautiful.

And the lovely Gerri stopped by to show me this scarf she’d woven using SQ Kimono silk together with a Posh Yarn silk – absolutely stunning – I just haven’t captured the colours and skill in this photo, but it was wonderful to see.

And thanks to the help of Kira, Mela and Mel, we were able to take a break from time to time and meet some of our fellow exhibitors and friends.

Suzanne with the lovely Sarah at Ysolda‘s stand.

Ysolda wearing the very special Coraline I made in April. (This was taken in Ysolda’s photo booth on her stand but there’s another very dodgy one taken at the Ravelry party afterwards, isn’t there, Jen TechEd?!)

Juliet from John Arbon Textiles – this was pre-show as I’m sure she didn’t get a chance to sit down during it!

By Day 3, delirium was setting in this corner of Skein Queenery.

Mela, Mel and Suzanne.

Mela (looking very efficient with her measuring tape), Mel and me.

Crashed out at the end of the show post car-loading and pre-Ravelry party with our delicious feast of four croissants and a packet of Fig Rolls!

And then time for the Ravelry party. As guests entered, Jess and Casey (Ravelry founders) greeted everyone, and the party was underway.

This is Charlotte (on the left) who had created the longest Clapotis I’ve ever seen – 3 skeins of Noro for this one.

I only managed to get one slightly shaky photo of the party itself as I was busy hobnobbing and chit-chatting with everyone, but if you want to see more, try joining Knit Nation group on Flickr.

It was great getting to meet and chat to Jess, but also the Loop team, Ysolda, The Knitter peeps, Debora and Mim from Simply Knitting, Susan Crawford, my lovely customers over from France (very exciting), Emma from Atomic Knitting and at this stage, my mind goes blank, because sheer and utter exhaustion had set in!

I was proud to be one of the sponsors of the Ravelry party and delighted to receive one of these project bags which each guest received as a memento.

And I’d rather not mention exactly how many emails went back and forth with Jess to get this logo right – eventually had to call in the services of my graphic designer, Pat, who saved the day.

We all got given a raffle ticket on the way in to the party and mine was number 60. Every time a number got called, I got stupidly excited (remember, by this time, completely exhausted and one glass of wine had been had!) and poor Meghan from Loop had to nudge me when my number actually was called!!

I’d won THE most beautiful prize – a cute Ysolda bag containing not only a Damson kit with a skein of Malabrigo in Ravelry Red, but also both Whimsical Little Knits books – it made my night! Thanks, Ysolda – so generous.

So that’s it. Knit Nation is over. And here are the remnants. Thank you to Alice Yu and Cookie A for organising it.

I have just enough hand-dyed yarn left for the shop update – now on Thursday evening – but there’s still plenty of Lotus Yarns cashmere in the shop – a couple of colours are low in stock due to its popularity at the show. Please note I’ll be on holiday from 7th August to 22nd August.

And finally, and with no more ado, the winner who managed to free the giant skein of delicious hand-dyed yarn from the Twitter birds by saying why it should come home with her in 140 characters or less was Lucy Honour. Congratulations, Lucy – I’ll be contacting you to see where to send it.

Lucy’s winning entry was:

The giant skein of delicious hand-dyed yarn should come home with me because I could make a big enough flock of twitter birds to re-enact the Alfred Hitchcock film in Hyde Park.

I liked this entry because it encapsulated the bird theme perfectly, the size of the skein and our location.

The runners up who were close but no cigar, were:

Tamsyn Spooner with – I have three children (8,4 and 2) and it’s the summer holidays.

Deadly Knitshade with – Otherwise my flying knitting machete monkeys will be angry. You wouldn’t want to make them angry.

Jen Arnall-Culliford with – Yarn is for life and not just for Christmas.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter and hope you enjoyed our bit of Twitter bird fun.

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6 Responses to “Knit Nation – the review”

  1. Jen A-C says:

    You have really summed up what an amazing time we all had. I wish we could do it all again soon. Have a great holiday. I hope you get a good break.
    And yes, here’s hoping the party photos don’t see light of day any time soon!!

    Jen x

  2. fab post, this was exactly what it felt like – love the winning entry too.

    ps ~ what if the photos from the party suddenly appeared somewhere ; )

  3. Pinneguri says:

    What a great summery! Thank you for taking the time and for sharing these days with those of us who couldn’t be there :D

  4. Jackie b says:

    Thanks for sharing the fun of Knit Nation with those of us who could not be there. We all enjoyed your blog over here in Dubai!!!

    Well done everyone.

    Ps Need the party photos……………………………

  5. Debbie/kniteuse says:

    Just got home and billybrown can now relax as the hummingbird has landed!!!! I shall personally deliver all her wonderful skeinqueenery next week. Fabulous stand Debbie and it was great to meet you and Suzanne…………’s to next year!!!!

  6. cool post, I loved it! when’s the next one coming out? I wrote a similar article here:

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