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Utterly flabbergasted

One day, towards the end of last month, I was really struggling. Me, my sister and my dad were going to visit my mum in her last days at hospital and I think we’d trudged through the snow to get there one day. We’d been staying pretty positive and in good spirits, still giggling at the odd thing, but that day was really bad with a number of things that had happened and there really was no giggling to be done. We came back and I went onto Ravelry, as I often did to take my mind off things, and just asked for a virtual hug in the Skein Queenery forum. I didn’t have to explain exactly why – but within minutes, there were loads of knitters offering words which really did help and I appreciated them so much at the time.

Fast forward a month. Prior to being taken to lunch at the new Jamie Oliver restaurant in Reading on Friday, I met alabamawhirly in jelly. But it wasn’t just her there – strangely for a Friday, there was a bunch of outcasts there – kiknits, wildfennel, melarno and kurlyknits. And the reason? To present me with THE most amazing knitted blanket with the words “A Hug for SQueen” knitted into it and knitted with mostly SQ yarn. They’d turned virtual hugs into a real one.

It only goes to prove that knitters (and crocheters and spinners) are the most generous, thoughtful people. They even had their own secret group on Ravelry to organise the project – I had wondered why it was so quiet in Skein Queeneryland! I’ve had a dip into it, now that I know of its existence, and some of the stories about the making of the squares are touching – and some are hilarious! A bunch of woman (and one man and a child) coming together to do something amazing for someone else.

So a great big hug and giant thanks to picperfic, greenpea, dollydimple, littletreehouse, indigoskye, alabamawhirly, emmaco, sarahbelle, erinsboroughlass, libraknitter, maverick, oftherain, kiknits, angharadknits, saffronskye, rosii, veuftricot, vaujany3, calalalala, peem, saz, ysolda, twinepixie, bambamwhirly, kurlyknits, billybrown, shazspun, pomonaknits, wildfennel, charliesumx, andsewtoknit, melarno, clb, taliesin, mikan, lisknit, rockpoolcandy, bombella, jackieb12 and euchronia.

Garter stitch mitred squares came from all over the UK and Northern Ireland and from as far a field as Germany, France, Canada, Dubai and Japan and one square was knitted in Milan. The outcasts had a Sew Sunday to stitch all the squares together and alabamawhirly crocheted all around the edging and made all the labels.

I really will treasure it forever and every time I look at each square, I feel a little bit of SQueen love. I’m so touched and flabbergasted that anyone would put together such an amazing gift and it really is very comforting. I’m still smiling from ear to ear.

Thank you all so much. SQ x

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13 Responses to “Utterly flabbergasted”

  1. Roo says:

    That is gorgeous. I love the knitting community

  2. You’re most welcome!

  3. sara says:

    You deserve it and it is really beautiful.

  4. calalalala says:

    glad you liked it!

  5. Puddytatpurr says:

    Oh what an amazing gift! Crafters are such amazing people!

  6. it was meant to be, look how perfect it looks in your room
    ; )

  7. Emma says:

    Our pleasure, dear Squeen. It’s lovely to see the photos.

  8. Jocelyn says:

    :) That is just awesome. Adds a nice splash of colours to your room.

  9. anna says:

    it was indeed our pleasure :)

  10. wildfennel says:

    because you’re so very worth it dear SQ – it was a pleasure knitting the square and sending it across the alps braving the volcanic ash ;-0 xxxx

  11. JackieByford says:

    I so enjoyed taking part in this project and I am so glad you like it!

  12. Oh such a wonderful caring thought from all of those taking part, heartbreaking but soul warming gift, you must all be so proud of yourselves. It bought tears to my eyes, “LOVE IS ALL AROUND YOU” the words “Utterly Flabbergasted”, could not be any nearer to the truth xx

  13. Marianne says:

    I have tears welling just reading this…knitting a square was as close to a hug for you that I could get, I needed to hug you! xx

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